What Exactly is Rick Simpson Oil?

RSO is a potent cannabis resin extract that is higher in THC levels than most other extracts. RSO is named after the man who first developed it, medical cannabis activist Rick Simpson. Rick was inspired after reading a study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute were THC was proven to kill cancer cells in mice.

According to Rick, using cannabis oil on his skin cleared away the cancer spots on his arm in a matter of days. (Note: this was his belief and does not align with the beliefs of Greenside Rec.).These results led him to become a faithful believer in the power of medical cannabis and the developer of Rick Simpson oil.


Uses Of Rick Simpson Oil

What else does RSO allegedly treat?

The main claim behind RSO is that it can treat cancer. However, many RSO supporters claim that it has helped in the treatment of other conditions, including:

  • high blood pressure
  • infections
  • chronic inflammation
  • arthritis
  • asthma
  • drug addiction
  • depression
  • multiple sclerosis

However, there is little direct evidence to support these claims.

How Does RSO Work?

Although people may use the oil in any way they choose, the main claim is that RSO can treat cancer. At present, however, there is little to no evidence to support claims that it cures cancer directly.

Researchers have been studying cannabis and THC, the main component in RSO, for many years. Some evidence supports the use of the compound in cancer therapy.

For instance, a study in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics found that a combination of CBD and THC enhanced the effects of radiation therapy in rodents. This appears promising, as it suggests that cannabis compounds might make standard cancer treatment better.

A case study in Case Reports in OncologyTrusted Source also explored the use of cannabis oil in a child with a specific cancer. She was terminally ill, having had no success with standard treatment. Her parents chose to stop standard treatment and give her a cannabis extract in the form of RSO.

Although it did appear to reduce her specific type of cancer, the girl died from other complications unrelated to its use.

This makes it hard to draw any firm conclusions about the effect that the oil would have had on the cancer cells in the long-term, or to call the treatment a success.

Does It Really Work?

Some cancers may respond better to cannabinoids than others. For example, a review in the Journal of Pancreatic CancerTrusted Source suggests that cannabis may be helpful as an addition to treatment for cancers that involve cannabinoids, which are the cells in the body that respond to compounds in cannabis. One such cancer is pancreatic cancer.

Their research indicated that both THC and CBD could be helpful as a supplementary treatment for pancreatic cancer, and they urged the completion of more clinical studies using cannabinoids for pancreatic cancer.

A separate review in Frontiers in Pharmacology studied the overall body of research into cannabinoids and their effects regarding cancer. The researchers noted that the majority of animal studies find that the active compounds in cannabis are capable of effectively decreasing tumor growth.

Also, although they are limited, the few human studies to date do show promise — particularly in the realm of preventing or slowing the growth of tumors.

These initial results look positive, but it is still too early to make any broad statements about cannabis and cancer therapy. More long-term studies using RSO or cannabis in humans would need to help back up any claims with strong evidence.

How to Use RSO

If you want to use RSO for a medical condition, it’s always a good idea to seek the advice of a medical professional before beginning a treatment regimen. The problem is many physicians are unwilling to acknowledge the potential benefits of cannabis as a form of treatment.

If you choose to follow the dosage instructions recommended by Rick Simpson, remember they haven’t been medically researched—but they have been used by thousands of people. Dosages can vary from person to person depending on many factors, including the potency of the oil. As with any cannabis treatment, proceed at your discretion.

You can usually find RSO at your local cannabis dispensary. But what are you supposed to do with it once you get it? This dark, potent oil can seem a bit intimidating at first, but the method most people use to take it is simple.

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