Who is the No 1 sniper in PUBG? (2023)

Who is sniper King in PUBG?

chocoTaco Proves He's Still the Sniper King on PUBG New State Mobile's Latest Map Akinta - YouTube.

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Who is No 1 pro player in PUBG?

List of top 12 PUBG players in the world
S.noPlayer nameNation
1.ZpYan 1China
3.XQF ParaboyChina
4.XQF OrderChina
9 more rows
15 Nov 2021

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Who is the PUBG King?

Lin "King" Yien is a Taiwanese player who is currently playing for Nova Esports (China).

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Who is the sniper king?

2) Daljit. Daljit Singh is a professional BGMI esports player who is popularly known as the "Sniper King" in the gaming community.

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Who is PUBG king in India?

Naman Mathur is the Indian PUBG king. He has been playing the game for almost two years and has racked up a staggering number of kills. He is known for his meticulous planning and strategic play. Mathur has even won tournaments in India and other countries in Southeast Asia.

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Who is the best sniper in the world?

Military snipers
NameLivedConfirmed sniper kills
Carlos Hathcock1942–199993
Simo Häyhä1905–2002505–542
Musa Herdem1987–201580
Matthäus Hetzenauer1924–2004345
57 more rows

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What is the Kd of Jonathan?

Jonathan Pubg Stat
DeviceiPhone 12 Pro Max
Highest KD14.07 KD (Season 5)
Highest TierConqueror
AVG Damage1000 +
6 more rows
30 May 2022

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Who is the strongest PUBG player?

Mortal is the number 1 PUBG Mobile Player in India. His actual name is Naman Mathur. He is from Mumbai city, India. Mortal has its own youtube channel with around 6.35 million subscribers.

Who is the biggest PUBG player?

  • The Best PUBG Mobile Players in the World Right Now. By Rupesh Nair. ...
  • Carrilho. Brazilian Esports star Lucas "Carrilho" Miguel has been a destructive force in South America, with the Alpha7 Esports star being crowned as the best player in the region.
  • NOOzy. ...
  • Jonathan. ...
  • Zuxxy. ...
  • Order. ...
  • Paraboy. ...
  • Sc0utOP.
23 Jun 2022

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Who is God of PUBG?

Coffin is known as God of PUBG Mobile. When it comes to real pro level PUBG Mobile skills, nobody comes close to Coffin. Coffin usually plays SOLO vs SQUAD high intense matches.

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Who is Asia No 1 PUBG player?

1) Order. Ceng "Order" Zehai is a player of Chines descent who ranks among the topmost esports athletes globally. Order has been a part of multiple victories in S-tier tournaments while being a Nova Esports roster member.

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Which PUBG is best?

PUBG New State offers ultra-realistic graphics unlikely to be found in any other battle royale mobile game. It will give players the feel of playing on a PC in max graphics settings. While PUBG Mobile offers simpler graphics, PUBG New State's realistic graphics are awe-inspiring in that comparison.

Who is the No 1 sniper in PUBG? (2023)
Who is best sniper player in PUBG mobile?

Made Bagus "Luxxy" Prabaswara is one of the best snipers in the world, and he hails from Indonesia. He represents the team that won the PMWL East, Bigetron RA.

Who is the king of AWM in free fire?

Free Fire Awm King

Ajjubhai has won 2414 of the 9302 team games that he has played in overall. He has killed 34138 people and roughly done 1536 damage.

Who is best sniper in FF?

5 Best Fastest Sniper King Player in Free Fire in World and India:-
  • TE Pahadi.
  • Lorem.
  • Joena.
  • TG-Mafiabala.
  • Skyrix.
10 Oct 2021

How is PUBG rich?

The App Store makes up the lion's share of player spending, accumulating 81.6 percent of total revenue. Google Play, meanwhile, accounts for 18.4 percent of spend. Outside of China, however, the App Store accounts for 58.6 percent of revenue, with Google Play representing 41.4 percent.

Who is the No 1 game in India?

App App NameUsage Rank Usage Rank is based on a Similarweb algorithm that factors in 'Current Installs' and 'Active Users' in the selected country, category, and leader boards for the last 28 days.
1Garena Free Fire MAX-
2Coin Master-
3Candy Crush Saga-
4Teen Patti Octro 3 Patti Rummy-
46 more rows

Who is richest gamer in India?

How 20-year-old Mumbaiker, Mohammed Owais Lakhani, rose to become the richest e-sports athlete in India.

Who is the deadliest sniper?

Simo Hayha. The deadliest sniper in human history; 429 confirmed kills with numerous "probables."

Is AK 47 a sniper rifle?

However, with an effective range of only 380 yards (350 meters), an AK-47 can hardly be considered a sniper rifle or used as one. The effective range of a typical purpose-built sniper rifle will be in the 800 to 1000 meter range (875 to 1094 yards).

What country has the best sniper?

Greece won the first place in the annual European Best Sniper Team Competition 2022, organized by the Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC) of the USA 7th Army Training Command in the Hohenfels Training Area in Germany.

Who is GF of Jonathan?

Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott, 43, and his girlfriend, Elf actress Zooey Deschanel, 41, are officially homeowners — and he's sharing a peek into their relationship with fans.

What is the Kd of Dynamo?

Dynamo's PUBG Mobile ID is 591948701, and his in-game alias is H¥DRA丨DYNAMO. He is also the leader of the H¥DRAOfficial clan. Dynamo has played only the 'Squad' mode this season. He has a Kill to Death (K/D) ratio of 4.14, which is quite impressive.

Who is Snax?

Raj "Snax" Varma is an Indian player who last played for Team XO. He is also a part of 8Bit Creatives as a content creator.

How old is Jonathan gaming?

He is the best pubg player India has, and he is 19 years old.

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