Do all Shell stations honor Kroger fuel points? (2023)

Do all Shell stations accept Kroger fuel points?

Use Fuel Points at Shell Gas Stations - Save On Fuel - Kroger. With the Kroger Family of Stores loyalty program, you'll earn Fuel Points every time you shop and use your Shopper's Card. Fuel Points can be redeemed to SAVE at the pump at participating Shell stations and our Fuel Centers.

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Do all Shell stations participate in fuel rewards?

In addition, not all Shell stations participate in the FRN program where you can redeem Fuel Rewards savings. However, all Shell stations that offer the Shell Fuel Rewards program are locations where you can also redeem your Fuel Rewards savings.

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Is Shell and Kroger gas the same?

Are Kroger and Shell Gas the Same? No, they are not. Kroger and Shell are separate entities with different business strategies, and the only similarity is that they source their fuel from the same supplier.

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Can you use 1000 Kroger fuel points at Shell?

Shell and Kroger

Redeem up to 1,000 Fuel Points in one fill-up and save up to $1 per gallon instantly at Shell. Redeem your Kroger Fuel Points at participating Shell stations.

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Can I use my Kroger fuel points at BP?

Every 100 Fuel Points they earn awards them with a 10-cent per gallon (up to $1) discount at BP stations or its Amoco subsidiary.

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Can I fill up 2 cars with Kroger fuel points?

LPT: Fill more than one vehicle at the gas station when you redeem your grocery store gas points. If you have multiple smaller vehicles (12-15 gallon gas tank), take both vehicles when you redeem your fuel points and get the discount for both tanks of gas instead of using them for only one fill up.

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What gas stations use Kroger points?

Fuel Points can be redeemed at our Kroger Family of Stores Fuel Centers and participating Shell locations.

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Are Kroger fuel points worth it?

Kroger Fuel Points

Every 10 points are worth 1 cent off per gallon of gas on your next fill-up. Kroger often makes it easy to earn points by offering bonus earnings of 2 to 4 points per dollar on gift cards and certain grocery items.

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How do you get 10 cents off Shell?

Download the app

Fuel Rewards® membership and account linkage within Pay & Save is required and is a pre-requisite to obtain 10¢/gal savings/up to 20 gallons. This savings can only be redeemed using the App on their mobile device or Connected Car with Shell S Pay as the payment method.

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Does Shell work with Kroger?

Shell and Kroger

understand how important it is to stretch your dollars. That's why, when you shop at Kroger with your Kroger Plus Card, you earn fuel points. Redeem 100 fuel points in one fill-up and save 10¢ per gallon instantly at Shell. Maximum of 35 gallons of fuel per purchase.

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How do I get the most out of my Kroger fuel points?

Redeem your fuel points at Kroger Fuel Centers and participating Shell stations. Choose how much of your discount you want to use (10¢/off, 20¢/off, 30¢/off per gallon up to $1/off per gallon.) Use your fuel discount wisely. Save more money on gas by using your fuel discount when you need it most.

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Is Shell gas higher quality?

Shell Gasoline is also certified TOP TIER™, a higher standard for engine cleanliness and performance set by auto manufacturers.

Do all Shell stations honor Kroger fuel points? (2023)
How does fuel rewards work at Shell?

Swipe your Fuel Rewards® card or enter your Alt ID when you fuel at a participating Shell station. With Gold Status, you will receive 5¢/gal in Fuel Rewards® savings on every fill-up. The 5¢/gal reward for Gold Status will be combined with other rewards in your Fuel Rewards® account.

Can you use a Shell gas card at Kroger?

Yes, you can use your Shell Credit Card anywhere Mastercard is accepted. That is virtually anywhere in the world where credit cards are accepted as Mastercard benefits from extensive worldwide acceptance.

Is Kroger offering 4X fuel points?

4X Fuel Points on Gift Cards! (Limited-Time Only, No Coupon Required) For a limited time, get 4X fuel points on select gift cards when you buy online through the Kroger Gift Card Mall*. You'll earn 4 fuel points for every $1 spent.

Is it illegal to use someone else's Kroger fuel points?

Unlike other types of fraud, these points are not as often closely monitored as other purchases. To be clear, stealing loyalty points is illegal.

How much is 200 fuel points at Kroger?

Here's how the fuel points system works: 100 points equals 10 cents off per gallon* 200 points equals 20 cents off per gallon.

How do Kroger fuel points expire?

Fuel Points expire the last day of the month after they are earned. For example, Fuel Points earned in September expire on October 31st. Monthly balances do not combine across months. Each month is a separate earning period.

How do you use old month's fuel points at Kroger?

To use points amount greater than 100 from prior month's fuel total, simply select option 2 (CHANGE AMT) when prompted how to use points. Then enter in an amount equal to or lower than your prior month's total.

Why did Kroger change fuel points?

Moore said the change was designed to prevent customers from losing the previous months points, which frequently would happen when you have more points this month than last month. “If you wait too long to decide what points to use, it defaults to the no-points 3-cent discount,” Moore said.

Does Kroger give double fuel points on weekends?

Shop Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays to earn double fuel points when you download the Kroger digital coupon just one time.

Where can I use my Kroger rewards card?

You can use the Kroger Rewards World Elite Mastercard® anywhere Mastercard is accepted. However, you do earn 2% cash back by shopping at the Kroger Family of Companies.

Where can I use Shell Fuel Rewards card?

Can I Use My Shell Credit Card Anywhere? The Shell Fuel Rewards Card is a credit card that can only be used at participating Shell gas stations or convenience stores.

What stations can I use a Shell fuel card?

Your Shell Fuel and EV Card is the key to 1,100 Shell forecourts strategically located on A-roads and motorways across the UK, plus 3,800 partner stations such as Esso, Texaco and Morrisons.

What stations can I use a Shell card?

Shell Multifleet
  • Accepted at over 3,800 sites at Shell, Esso, Texaco, Gulf, Morrisons, Gleaner, and Circle K, including 66 motorway sites.
  • No additional cost for Shell FuelSave diesel available at all Shell sites.

Can I use my Shell gas card at Circle K?

Yes, you can use your Shell Credit Card anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Is Shell fuel Rewards ending?

Fuelperks! is Going Away, Fuel Rewards is Here to Stay | Shell United States. Our name changed from Royal Dutch Shell plc to Shell plc in January 2022.

How do you get 25 cents off Shell?

Join the Fuel Rewards program and get a free Fuel Rewards card. You'll earn a 25¢/gal sign-up bonus after your first fill-up. It's our way of saying thanks for becoming a member.

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